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Feature Films


When a never before published Anton Chekhov play is discovered by a young director, assassins and interested parties come out of the woodwork to steal the precious work of art (comedy thriller).

“The complex plot and various intersecting storylines in this screenplay are the material’s biggest strength and the writer should be commended for engineering a complicated story and executing it with simplicity and clarity. The reader is never confused by the interwoven love triangles and multiple agendas. This is no mean feat considering the number of characters in this cast. While the screenplay boasts a relatively low concept, the reader can’t help but get caught up in the humor and fun of this light romp. It should also be said that this piece ends with a lot of satisfaction and the twist is brought off with a lot of subtlety and surprise, thereby ending the movie on a promising note.” -A Blcklst review


A struggling writer is confronted with a series of bizarre personal dilemmas that force him to take control of his life and begin writing.

“The appropriately titled BEGIN is a rather fascinating dervish that excels at delivering great absurd humor to its reader. Tonally the screenplay is firing on all cylinders and it appears as though it will work well in the low-budget indie space. While a number of directors in this genre generally write their own fare, this script alleviates that burden and a filmmaker that enjoys working with comedic talent in the independent world will delight in this piece. It has to be said that the writer really embraces absurd and hilarious comedy. He approaches the material with a brash and brave angle.” -A Blcklst review

Other Screenplays

I’m currently writing another two low-budget feature-length screenplays.

Web Series

  • Words Fail Me. An experimental comedy web series about desperate people in absurd situations. Official selection at the 2015 Brooklyn Web Fest and NYC Web Fest.


  • A Big Whore in a Small Town. A blue comedy about an itinerant preacher who tries to kidnap a prostitute in 1870s Texas. Performed January 2015 at The Annoyance Theatre.
  • Date Night. A one-act comedy about an uptight philosophy professor that gets entangled in his neighbor’s domestic dispute. Performed at The Artistic Home in January 2014. Download it here.

Short Films

Satire & Humor


Sketch Comedy

Random Fun

  • The Historical Wire – A photo Tumblr of historical figures quoting The Wire.
  • The Worst Draft, a podcast where my brother and I have writers on to read their early (and terrible) early work.


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